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the last production line up to five thousand what's going on generally with the business right now alex goes the model three that you're one of the that's actually supposed to be a little bit more economical more affordable for the general public ready months you know we've been talking about the shortages the basically they're not coming out on time and just a not that long ago they were doing pushing about thirty five hundred cars out a week now of the goal the hold hard time was five thousand cars a week and supposedly they may have hit that goal you on musk has wanted to do that before the end of june and now by their gigafactory there they've built this massive tent outside of it that both the size of two football fields and this is a part of their production like you are musk is good calling it pretty sweet and those are his words about it and it seems like it's actually helping with production as you know a lot of people have been fired about nine percent of their employees about three thousand jobs were lost recently but this is all about becoming and taking a company and making it leaner and meaner according to musk from toronto our team
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is always intriguing an ever impressive alex file and it's thanks alex thank you. and time not for a quick break but hang here because if you own a cell phone and most of you do you're going to stick around for the first installment of our to correspondent dan call into three parts special report on the health risks associated with cell phone use plus kristie are from the tech traders fund is back and we'll discuss some new cryptocurrency news including an unlikely court reaction to that mt gox hack attack back in twenty fourteen as we go to break here are the numbers of the closing bell major volatility in this point dropping below fifty eight hundred over the weekend climbing back and then dipping below sixty one hundred earlier today we're bouncing back to sixty two hundred as we went to air we'll be right back.
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welcome back the european banking authority or be a has war and that preparations made for u.k. banks as the u.k. gets ready to leave the european union is part of the so-called hard brecht's that next march are inadequate the a.b.a. says it a new analysis that banks are at risk in the case of a no deal scenario in which u.k. and e.u. leaders are unable to reach terms to soften the disruptions of the u.k.'s exit they also note that the time for the required actions to be taken is reducing the bank of england by contrast has taken a more optimistic view of brecht's that preparations in the banking sector as it
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places confidence in the tentative agreement between the u.k. and the e.u. announced three months ago to extend that transition period the a.b.a. by contrast says investors should prepare for the worst until a full withdrawal agreement is signed at cern certainly sounds ominous oh my gosh. today argentina's largest labor union the general confederation of labor or c g t in its spanish initials has called a strike shutting down transportation as well as banks and schools across the entire country. the c g t represents about three million members and receive the support of other unions and social movements including the workers central union or c.t.a. leaders say labor leaders say the strike is in response to president machree veto of a bill that would have frozen utility rates for gas and electricity at their november two thousand and seventeen levels mr mercury's labor minister dismissed the workers grievances saying quote they search for conflict for conflicts mr machree faces
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increasing discontent as he attempts to impose fiscal austerity in hopes of security credit from the international monetary fund and opposing any increase in wages even as high inflation eats at salaries. more than sixty percent sixty percent of every single person on this planet has a cell phone and that is of course a higher if you're in developing nations they'll be five billion of them next year according to estimates and they are very convenient and it's almost hard to imagine life without them but are they safe we move for the first of our three part special report on the health impacts of cell phone usage here's r t correspondent dan cohen . cell phones and other wireless technologies in back to nearly every aspect of modern life from simple phone calls and text messages to entertainment shopping and
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dating ninety five percent of americans now own a cell phone and one in five american adults access the internet exclusively through their smartphone but few know that a cell phone is actually emitting radiation and studies have shown it can have dangerous effects a cell phone is a two way microwave it's constantly sending and receiving messages to and from a tower even when it's not in use cell phones operated various frequencies and simultaneously use multiple antennas all of which emit microwave radiation when a phone sends or receives a text message or streams music or video it emits a pulsing signal of radiation doctors say that whole thing can disrupt human cell membranes and over long periods of time do serious damage felons kept in the pocket of men reduce their sperm count and actually increase the chances they'll have damage we also know that phones increase your risk of a number of problems including hearing loss problems of vision as well as
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increasing your risk of very malignant cancers for which the diagnosis of basically a death studies in europe show that people who use cell phones heavily for over ten years have a doubled risk of brain cancer and those who begin using cell phones and teenagers have a four to five times higher risk that type of research led the world health organization in two thousand and eleven to classify cell phones as a possible carcinogen in the same category as lead engine exhaust d.d.t. and jet fuel evidence has continued to mount twenty eighteen has been a watershed year for research on the effects of cell phone and cell tower radiation in march a large scale lifetime study in italy found that rats who were exposed to levels of cell tower radiation found in the environment developed cancerous tumors in the heart and in the brain the same month. but u.s. national toxicology program study found the same results and after a panel of scientists reviewed the study they concluded there was quote clear
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evidence linking cell phone radiation to cancer gerald mitchell was the c.e.o. of a successful business in two thousand and nine he was named by yahoo finance as one of the top one hundred marketing minds in the u.s. in the same year mitchell was diagnosed with stage four glioblastoma an aggressive form of brain cancer that is often a death sentence for for a least or four hours or so per day i held the phone right here because i'm right handed all right and i asked you to look at the side of my head now ok that's the result of two creamy armies doctors told mitchell he had nine to twelve months to live nine years later he's beating the odds but struggles with everyday tasks he hopes his story will spur wireless companies to take responsibility for dangerous products they sell to an unwitting public every day i
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go through scenario of asking myself how would our license been different if this hadn't happened and i just i just don't understand how the cell phone companies won't come forward and stand up and bear some level of responsibility for these people that are vulnerable. two cell phone radiation and this x. well evidence of the dangers of cell phone radiation continues to mount the federal communication commission hasn't kept up the f.c.c. guidelines were developed by the wireless industry based off of research done by the military in the nineteen eighties when only a few million americans owned a cell phone so why hasn't government regulation kept up with rapidly advancing technology the reality is there is no regulation in the united states in that the fox is in charge of the chicken coop that is to say for many years under
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republicans and democrats the heads of the f.c.c. the federal communications commission have all come from the telecom industry in two thousand and seven long time c.e.o. of the cellular telecommunications and internet association tom wheeler was appointed to head the f.c.c. in july two thousand and twelve a government accountability office report said the f.c.c. is now twenty two year old exposure and testing will choir should be reassessed later that year the f.c.c. opened a notice to the inquiry thousands of comments poured in from scientific experts public health officials and doctors six years later the trump administration replaced f.c.c. head tom wheeler with former verizon lawyer. and the f.c.c. still hasn't taken action reporting from boom bust or t. l gox one of the largest crypto currency exchanges located in japan which lost hundreds of billions of dollars i think it was four hundred seventy five million
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back in twenty fourteen before they went into bankruptcy may be paying more of their customers money back but the ultimate rate at this time is undetermined a court has ruled that creditors and title to receive their claims could be paid in bitcoin rather than currency equivalents if they did so the actual amount could be huge if they are paid back at the current prices of bitcoin and as we reported. sixty to seventy five or something like that today when mt gox went bye bye bitcoin was worth several hundred dollars and he would talk crypto says christie i have a tech trader phone christi thank you so much for coming back we really appreciate it what do you make of this court ruling i thought that this was really interesting because they said this is a way that they're going to be putting the bankruptcy proceedings on pas and pursuing a civil we have taishan proceedings which means that right now in a bankruptcy non-monetary claims are sold into monetary claims which back then
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about four hundred forty four hundred fifty dollars when the case was filed now in a civil rehabilitation case non-monetary claims are kept as non-monetary clients which as you just mentioned this payout is a huge win for the creditors but there's still a long time before the payout is actually received the creditors need to log in their cars october twenty second this year and each claim of be reviewed and then after that there will be the final claim it's going to start next year february nineteenth so between now and then there's going to be a lot to discuss whether how much of the pro rata each creditor will be given and i should say you know i say mt gox is going to pay pay back it's a trustee who is collecting this money and they're the ones that will actually do this but imagine if you lost your money you think you're out and then all of a sudden you're paid at the current bitcoin price that could be a huge win for folks but stick with facts for a minute you know we saw the coin real hack
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a couple of weeks ago that we saw another south korean hacked last week but what amazed me because we're seeing these things all too often is one of the security analysts said about crypto he said you know there are always going to be people out there trying to hack i guess that they said they're never going to be one hundred percent safe and. i sort of think that's a cop out i mean maybe it's with the security firm that was prone to protect this crypto what's your what's your thought are they always going to be vulnerable the. as of the distributed ledger well did you know the attack happened on june nineteenth which is the seventh anniversary of mt gox attack so i didn't know the. incidents were not so they're lying to me because they do that. so i guess the security analysts actually does have a point this is a decentralized leisure and so the decentralized leisure the inherent risk is a fifty one percent attack and this attack is very well known it's very well documented and what it says is that it used to be theoretical because people saw
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that takes too much computing power to execute a fifty one percent tax but now with the rise of all points there are a lot of smaller networks and smaller coin the smaller letters out there which makes the system actually variable nable for the small points and so we've seen this happen with the small points so in particular though it's verge and there was monocle. gold all of those actually fell to the fifty one percent type because they were smaller cheaper all clients we've seen this huge i mean i would keep watching this because i think there's something that can be done i'm not ready to say it's always going to be screwed up i mean things are going to be x. all the time. you know forget about crypto currencies but i want to ask about bitcoin we've seen that price just go crazy and up to ninety five intraday to twenty thousand now the price is reported earlier in the show but people are now saying that's it for bitcoin i don't think so what do you think well i think you have to think about it last year twelve months ago when was only actually twenty twenty five hundred dollars so it's actually sustained more than like
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a two times increase and price point so i think it rose more than it fell if you think about it that way and it sustained the price valuation is trading at about six thousand dollars for quite some time now and holding in that pattern so i do think it has risen more than it has decreased if you think about it and so right now basically it has actually fallen because there is a lot of scrutiny between for these hacks in these exchanges and. and that there is a lot of scrutiny of the exchanges because the japanese regulators came out and they issued investigation warrants into six different exchanges in japan so that contributed to a lot of the price decreases last week kristie want to have you back there's always more crypto news that we can get to christiania of the tech trader for him thank you thank you. and that's it for this time thanks for watching you catch boom bust at you tube dot com slash boom bust our two will see that.
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argentina venezuela they are mad about bitcoin because they're commies are in freefall those are peripheral currencies when he had a major currency like the dollar the again the euro the panel and sure similar crisis which i believe will happen will have the adoption rate in those countries wall spike as well as a psuedo store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable it will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. right we also have started five. did you know how this economic. he's not going to talk about no fly just maybe right after the mars explorers one
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who would have their new. record. to say what we know. about how this room will welcome to sophie and tell so him so. shame or not said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our gas this buddha luck that will. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. it's an
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experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance with. the base this minute. our top story this hour r.t. correspondent paula slayer is denied entry to ukraine the she heads to a human rights conference dedicated to press freedom. day thirteen of the fee for world cup will decide which teams from group c. and d. will join france and croatia in the last sixteen and it's a nervous time for leno messi and argentina. last senior
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u.s. officials are hounded by groups of anti truck protesters using tactics from stalking to chanting to make them feel unwelcome berber they go. you're watching r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow thank you for joining us i'm kate partridge and we start with the news that's been breaking over the past couple of hours r.t. correspondent paula slee has been denied entry to ukraine she was stopped at the border as she was heading to a human rights conference dedicated to press freedom she's currently stuck at the airport and here's what she's told us. i'm sitting right now in the deposits announced here and i don't know what's going on and they go around forty minutes ago they gave me my luggage and they've taken up hospital and they just told me to
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wait i have no plane but back at the moment i was supposed to fly out tomorrow off to the concert and so at this stage i really am literally in the boat waiting to hear or see what's going on and at the moment there's no border police surrounding me i am right at about eight o'clock this morning local time am supposed to be attending a conference organized by the organization for security and cooperation in europe and the conference is devoted to chris freedom and media pew ality in ukraine june in times of conflict now it's quite ironic that i cannot even attend the conference and it's not only need there's another russian journalist who's also being detained and is being deported so while the deliberations will happen throughout the course of the day and as i'm speaking to you they deliberating media freedom in ukraine we're stuck here they pulled unable to attend because we representing the russian networks i had checked in advance if i was on any blacklist because i have reported in ukraine in the past and the information i had was that i was not so it wasn't clear that i would have possible its problems when i arrived they checked my
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possible there was obviously something that flagged an attack travel on a british passport and they pulled me aside and for about an hour and a hoss they kept me off to one when they were checking things they are asked me for my personality they asked me while i was by i was attending and i gave them the conference at james. and then just suddenly they called me into the room they stated we have all this from that you are being deported you are notional to come back into the country for another five years and you need to sign your there wasn't any explanation given they they explained that what i was signing was essentially what they had told me the and then they bought me a hit to beat they they treated me ok except for the lack of information back and the whole experience of course is a little bit unnerving focus of the conferences is to try and create a media climate across o.e.c.d. countries that. it is much more free and safe for journalists to work in but when i come to these comes and says i am a vehicle there are ukrainian contingent there are that we can all me sometimes and
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laugh when i speak so there is a lot of resistance to watch what russian journalists have to say and so he representatives from russia are also not here too in the same way that the ukrainian delegation is well as paula said there she wasn't given any explanation for why she was denied entry however under ukrainian law foreigners must be given a reason if they're denied access or paulo has had to leave ukraine before previously because she was getting death threats in twenty fifteen she was covering a story about wildfires sweeping through the area around chernobyl and asking people about how the situation was unfolding ukrainian journalist unhappy with paula being allowed entry to the country launched an online campaign and called for people to kill her since she then started receiving death threats on her twitter account from his followers and subsequently fled the country or is that. well the o s e has already given its official reaction expressing regret and stressing all participating states should facilitate free travel for journalists across the
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region or have asked a number of media organizations to comment on the situation among them reporters without borders and the international association of journalists we're still waiting for their response the international federation of journalists has already replied to us those saying that ukraine's actions contradict democracy i'm astonished by ukraine's entry denial of madame slipper the ukrainian services have to explain the reasons for their decision and stop all the pressure on journalists it completely contradicts how democracy works or paula slater wasn't the only journalist who was denied entry to ukraine this tuesday we spoke with russian journalist you have any primakov who's also been turned back at the border. to. the people.
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who. didn't. or. well it's another crucial day at the fee for world cup here in russia out with four group matches being played today in group day croatia are already through to the knockout stages and they take on iceland who still have a chance to go three well let's see what our top pundit manchester united boss jersey marina is thinks of the team's chances. as a local if they're playing to qualify his i'm almost old for a competitive match. they both know how to compete. in more tactical as the
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more physical croatia with more experience with more of it all because of the technical ability but i would say being in confrontation two of the big teams of two candidates for i would say even top eight this can be a good match. well monday's encounters brought plenty of goals and a late drummer especially with they are spain and portugal in group b. and russia when you're going group a made us reach the final sixteen in portugal and now face you are going with russia taking on spain well let's take a look at the highlights from day to oil.
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the. it was. worth. was. was.
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what is also said to see some deciding encounters which will determine which other teams from groups c. and d. apart from france and croatia will go through to the last sixteen a stranger will face peru denmark take on francois lodge eery at face argentina who on croatia will challenge iceland and here's what group c. looks like at the moment france are top of the group with six points denmark a second with four that in concert between australia and karun could change all of that go through with zero points at the moment they have no chance of progressing through to the next round meanwhile denmark france i gathering in red square ahead of their teams gave their teams game denmark or place. at moscow's nicky stadium less than three hours older than la team is being supported by artie's world cup host peter schmeichel he sunk costs but is the goalkeeper following in his father's footsteps twenty years ago peter participated in the one nine hundred ninety eight
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world cup against france just like you son is today french fans though of course are also in russia there's plenty of them on the metro to support their nation. whereabouts through the structure this result will go there's a requirement before three zero if. it's what if you were to go to stud you know they're going to try to help to keep a whole table secure so the couple daughter will make sure the sport for the. balance of the match i mean i just bought the machine you call yourself a local business now you feel you need to boost local. here but of course the incident.


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